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Planar's fourth quarter sales slip 32-percent

Steven Kim

Even the high end of home theater gear is feeling the pinch this year. And we don't mean the Kuro kind of high end, we mean the world of high end projector setups that really put the "theater" in "home theater." It's been a couple of years since Planar snatched up Runco in an effort to grab a piece of that rarefied air, and its Q4 2008 sales are down a whopping 32-percent compared to Q4 2007. So much for the safety at the luxe end of the market, eh? Certainly, Planar's nosedive isn't all the fault of Runco, but a look at both the exorbitant price tags on both Runco and Planar gear for specs that aren't leaps and bounds beyond the competition make it hard for anyone to justify. Unless, of course, you've got so much money that $15,000 (and up) projectors are an impulse buy that don't need any justification.

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