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Sony: PS3-focused 'movie plus game' Blu-ray Discs coming this year


In news of "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?" nature, SCEA hardware marketing manager, John Koller, has revealed that Sony is working on hybrid Blu-ray movie releases containing playable PS3 games. In an interview with Video Business, Koller said that the first such BD offerings will hit the market during 2009.

"The way that we see the future is that the movie and the game are placed on the same disc," Koller said, citing the fact that "a lot of developers" working on movie tie-in games have expressed interest in the concept. "We will definitely see this stuff this year," he confirmed. Sony isn't talking partnerships yet, but Koller did reveal that two to three of these movie/game mashups will be released this calendar year.

Warner Bros Interactive told us late last year that it is extremely interested in the notion of BD movies including playable content. In fact, a rep for the publisher mentioned that, had the timing been better, a demo of the upcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate could have been included with the film's Blu-ray release.

We're not sure who will reap more rewards from this news: gamers or marketing departments.

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