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Street Fighter IV producer wants to see Tekken in Home

Majed Athab

What business does Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono have in wanting to see Namco's flagship fighter Tekken and PlayStation social network service Home come together? Ono told Famitsu (via IGN) that he'd like to see a Tekken 6 tie-up with Home, suggesting that both the Street Fighter and Tekken communities could form some sort of cross-community tournament. A sort of Fight Club perhaps? Those guys at Capcom sure love those, don't they?

Speaking of Fight Clubs, Ono also revealed the possibility of a Street Fighter-themed game space. With Capcom already working on exclusive content for Home, this one is practically a given. Now, we just need to see if Namco wants to respond to Ono's invitation. Go ahead and press start Namco, we'll cue the "New Challenger" music.

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