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Best Buy wants to annoy you into a converter box, takes the DTV PSAs in-store

Steven Kim

For the five percent of you who managed to miss the whole analog TV shutoff debacle, select Best Buy locations will be blaring out hourly PSA-style announcements in-store, just to bring you up to speed. Even if you can't hear the hourly chime of impending analog Armageddon over the din of everyday Best Buy activity, personnel milling about in "DTV Blackout Prevention" tees should clue you in to the fact that something is going on. That's your cue to ask what the big deal is, whereupon your salesperson will encourage you to act without delay to keep the OTA flowing into your eyeballs. If you've put things off this long, though, you'll be able to procrastinate another four months, right? Seriously -- just pick up a new converter box if there's one on the shelf, because we really don't want to postpone the switch again, mkay?

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