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DVIGear outs new HDMI / DVI equipment at ISE

Darren Murph

New projectors aren't the only things being unveiled at Integrated Systems Europe this week, as DVIGear is using the spotlight to launch a new set of HDMI and DVI accessories. We're talking HDMI Matrix Switchers that support resolutions as high as 1080p (as well as dual-link DVI up to 4,096 x 2,400), HDMI 1.3 distribution wares, and long-range HDMI 1.3 extenders that transmit signals over CAT5e / CAT6 / Coax. The outfit will also be showing off its Super High Resolution HDMI and DVI cables, which rely on heavy 22AWG gauge wire in order to carry your Blu-ray signals along a fatter-than-usual pipe. For more details on the whole lot, head on south to the read link.

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