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Garmin slips out a few more nuvifone G60 details

Chris Ziegler

Even a solid year after its announcement, we still don't have an exact price or date for the nuvifone G60 -- but we do have a little bit better of an idea of what exactly we're going to be getting. We already knew that it'd feature a 3.5-inch (well, 3.55-inch, to be exact) display and HSDPA, and now we know that it'll feature the same Ciao! buddy-finding software found in its M20 stablemate. There'll be a 3 megapixel autofocus cam complete with geotagging, WiFi, preloaded maps for either North American or Eastern and Western Europe depending on your region, and dummy-resistant tools like "Where am I?" that should be familiar to current nuvi users. The interface looks promising -- and the specs are still reasonably competitive by 2009 standards -- but all will be revealed when the G60 gets put through its paces in a few days.

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