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How NCsoft should have done their layoffs


Adam Martin is no stranger to NCsoft or the game industry. We've already covered both his look into the failure of Tabula Rasa from his position at NCsoft, as well as his advice on how to approach customer service. His current topic, however, is a bit more edgy than usual.

Adam takes a crack at the NCsoft layoffs, not only saying they were expected but also going further by giving advice on how to properly lay off employees and departments. He makes the point that the company is simultaneously doing two things: both cleaning up the mess of a partial layoff in the development department in the European offices and transitioning the company into the hands of veterans rather than Destination Games/Origin Systems veterans.

It may be a harsh situation, but Adam's post brings up many good points on how the whole thing could have been handled more effectively from a business stand-point. Check out his entire article over at his blog, T=Machine.

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