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Indie PSP game, Rhythm of War, nominated for IGF award


Here's a game you haven't played before -- and it's already nominated for an award! The IGF Mobile Award nominees were revealed and the sole PSP candidate is this game: Rhythm of War. This "rhythm action strategy game" has players traveling through different time epochs to fight against aliens. Battles take place on four tracks, and players must follow the musical rhythm of each track in order to come out victorious.

Alexey Menshikov (the game producer) told us that this game couldn't find a publisher due to rather lackluster support for the PSP platform However, with the PlayStation Store on PSP, there's new hope that the team will be able to find a publisher and distribute the game to the masses.

We're big fans of music games, especially when they're created by indie teams. Hopefully, this newfound attention will give Rhythm of War the chance at life it deserves.

[Thanks, David B.!]

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