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nVidia posts $30 million loss, remains optimistic


It's tough creating photo-realistic graphics, as nVidia can tell you. In fact, the economy has been making things even more difficult, as the graphics chip manufacturer has posted a $30 million loss for its 2009 fiscal year.

For its Q4 ending January 25th, revenues fell by 60% down to a total of $481.1 million. Over the course of its full fiscal year, nVidia posted revenue loss of 16% to a total of $3.4 billion. Despite all of this loss, nVidia president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang remains optimistic.

"Although fiscal 2009 was extremely difficult, it was one of our best years of innovation," he said. He also offered that his company made "many important advances in graphics processing," citing the company's work with "PhysX and 3D Vision, GPU computing with CUDA and Tesla, and mobile computing with ION and Tegra." You know, BETTAR GRAFIX.

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