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Verizon's Touch Diamond, Versa, Intrigue, and Pearl 8230 take a family photo

Chris Ziegler

Aww, isn't that cute? Everyone got together for one last picture before graduation -- that magical time everyone goes their separate ways to retail shelves across the country where they'll be picked up by subscribers and adopted into loving families of their own. Here we've got four hotties that are due on Verizon in the next few months: the Touch Diamond and Versa, both of which we expect by mid-March, the Nokia 7205 Intrigue, which we've expected for over a frigging year now, and the BlackBerry Pearl 8230, which will launch when it damn well feels like it. Nothing particularly amazing about this shot, but we've got to say, the Intrigue looks absolutely stellar -- assuming it actually comes off this good in the flesh.

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