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Aptera 2e gets taken for a test drive


Aptera only just unveiled the complete specs for its Aptera 2e all-electric vehicle a little over a week ago, but the folks at Road & Track Magazine have already managed to talk their way into a test drive, and they've naturally shared their impressions for those of us still stuck in our non-space age vehicles. While there's obviously still a bit of refining to do before the final production model, the magazine nonetheless seems to be pretty impressed with the head-turner, saying that it seems far quicker than it actually is due to its go-kart-like handing and aircraft-style windshield, which gives the driver an up close view of the pavement ahead. They do say that the not-quite-gullwing doors will take some getting used to, however, but once inside there's apparently plenty of room, even for someone with a 6-foot-3-inch frame. Be sure to hit up the read link below for a video and plenty more pics, including a glimpse at the development process.

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