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New details emerge from 'The Pitt,' Fallout 3's 2nd DLC

Majed Athab

If the wastes of D.C. and Alaska just weren't enough places for Fallout 3 fans to visit, then the next DLC pack, The Pitt, for the Xbox 360 and PC should satiate the explorer within. According to UK OXM, 'The Pitt' brings the dystopian story of Fallout to 'The 'Burgh,' specifically taking place in Steel City's industrial district. There-in lies an abandoned steel yard, a vaguely-described "dungeon" area, and a settlement divided into "Downtown's" slave dens and "Haven's" upper class community.

Other details regarding this March-scheduled DLC include new interactive elements with the wasteland scavengers known as Raiders; it appears you can possibly talk with them as opposed to being shot at upon sight. It also seems that Raiders will play a central role in The Pitt as OXM reveals that one major quest involves investigating a Raider boss who supposedly
found a cure for mutation. Lastly, new weapons and items are expected to pop up, including the all new Auto Axe. It's apparently a chainsaw-type weapon. Hopefully, it'll be something a lot like this ... but in Fallout 3-style slow motion.

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