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Video: Viliv's S5 gets price, March release, and iTunes


We finally have the release and pricing details for the Viliv S5. Up for pre-order on the 24th in Korea, the XP-based MID with 4.8-inch touchscreen will begin shipping locally on March 3rd. Closer to home, the $649 S5 Premium model is scheduled to ship to the US and Europe by the end of March. That configuration will include a 60GB hard disk, Intel Silverthorne-class 1.33GHz Z520 CPU (yes, the very same proc as the VAIO P), GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 1GB of memory. Lesser spec'd models and a maxed-out F-LOG version with a DMB television tuner will only be available in Korea. And know what's great about a MID running XP? You can install pretty much any application you want, including iTunes as demonstrated in the video posted after the break. It's no iPod touch, but then again... it's no iPod touch.

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