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Volkswagen and Toshiba to link up on electric drive systems

Darren Murph

Volkswagen sure is talking tough about going green, but we've yet to actually see any of these long-teased concepts hit the show floor. In case a plug-in Twin Drive hybrid just wasn't enough to look forward to, the suits in Wolfsburg have just inked a letter of intent with Toshiba in order to form a collaborative agreement that will see the two working together in the development of "electric drive units and the accompanying power electronics for Volkswagen's planned New Small Family." If rumors prove accurate, the NSF crew will mimic that Up! concept we've been drooling over for ages, and if you were wondering where the batteries would be coming from, this here arrangement suggests that it'll be from within the partnership. Oh, and you want a launch date, don't you? How about "forever from now," or as VW's Dr. Martin Winterkorn put it: "A considerable amount of research and development work still has to be carried out until we can produce the electric vehicle."

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