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Xbox 360 case mod is quiet, hideous

Brace yourselves, we're about to ask you to make an impossibly difficult choice: Would you rather your entertainment center contain a 360 that's louder than a jet engine full of marbles, or a 360 with a unique visual aesthetic that makes it resemble a baby's coffin? Admittedly, neither are terribly appealing, but thanks to the modders at Quiet PC, it's a choice we're now free to make.

The aptly named Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 includes a number of measures to hush the often cacophonous console, including silicone feet, anti-vibration fan mounts and sound dampening foam, but, as you can tell from the image above, it's not exactly easy on the eyes. Also, with a price tag of £300 - £400 (depending on the model), we'll probably just wait for a 360 that sounds quiet, looks attractive, and smells like the Pike Place Fish Market.

[Via TechRadar]

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