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Avoid getting beaten up by funding Boll's next film

We've all said more than a few not-so-kind words about the collected works of the German film-mangler known as Uwe Boll -- a fact that divides the gaming community into two different groups: The Punched, and The Soon To Be Punched. Sorry, gang. It's an inevitable conclusion. You messed with the Boll, and now you're gonna get the horns.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll take you off his list if you help pay for his next film -- he's currently asking his supporters (and his bizarrely dedicated detractors) to help him foot the $18.5 million bill required to produce Blackout, his potentially upcoming "terrorist disaster epic". We assume he's talking about the plot of the film there, and not just previewing the buzzwords reviewers will use when critiquing the picture.

Kookily enough, avoiding pending pummeling isn't the only thing contributors have to gain from their donations -- hundreds will be chosen from the pool of would-be producers and rewarded with small roles in the film, as well as cash prizes ultimately equaling half of the amount Boll is asking people to donate. Also, at the end of next year, Boll will hold another raffle in which over 300 contributors will receive 20 percent of the film's annual profits; or, in simpler terms, absolutely nothing.

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