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Netgear to demo femtocell / WiFi router combo at MWC

Darren Murph

Netgear and Ubiquisys have been toying with this whole femtocell residential gateway thing for years on end, but it looks like the stars are aligning for a full-scale demonstration at Mobile World Congress. For those who can't quite remember back, what we'll be seeing is an all-in-one contraption that essentially combines a femtocell with an ADSL2+ WLAN router, giving users extended cellphone range and providing traditional WiFi services in one handy box. Sadly, we aren't told where or when the DVG834GH will be released, but given just how pervasive these femtocells are becoming in America, we'd say they better hurry up and lock down a provider. Or, you know, just leave it open for us to choose.

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