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PlayStation 'flagship store' no more


Just as Microsoft is changing your "device-buying experience" across the United States and opening a slew of stores, Sony is closing their main spot. Infamous for hosting PS2, PSP and PS3 launch events in the past, the Metreon Shopping Complex has hosted America's only Sony Playstation Store as well as a Sony Style store for nearly 10 years. The complex was sold to the Westfield Group and real estate company Forest City Enterprises in 2006, though Sony kept it's flagship Sony Style Store and only PlayStation branded store in the nation in operation ... until now.

Speaking with GameSpot, a Sony rep said, "Our lease with the Metreon for the PlayStation Store will expire this summer and we have chosen not to renew it." (A rep for the Metreon told GameSpot that the Sony Style Store's lease will expire on March 31st.)

So where will the company throw all those launch parties now? "While we are always looking at new avenues for additional retail exposure and space, we felt it best not to continue with a dedicated PlayStation Store at the Metreon at this time." Looks like if you want to attend a launch party these days and you're on the West Coast, you'd better be ready to lp+lk+down.

[UPDATE]: Edited the headline to clarify information. Our apologies for any confusion that was caused.

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