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Voidwalker tanks Sartharion 10 with three drakes

Zach Yonzon

When I grow up, I want to be like Seche. Or more importantly, I want Grimkrast to grow up like Makgarth. Let me explain. Choren first tipped us off to this a few days back, but because we were in such shock at the whole thing it took me only now to write it up -- the guild Damaged Goods downed 10-man Sartharion with three drakes up with a Voidwalker main tanking Sartharion. They have a video of it but to be honest I couldn't see the Voidwalker doing his job. On the other hand, it turns out Voidwalkers have a knack for tanking dragons with flame breaths that one-shot normal tanks because Township Rebellion's Seche from US Crushridge also did it with his pet Makgarth.

Now I've never dreamed of letting Grimkrast tank anything. He holds aggro about as well as a wet noodle. But then again I've never specced for it, so that's probably my fault. After all, Voidwalkers tanked Illidan back in the day, didn't they? So while The Twilight Zone is arguably the toughest raid Achievement in the game (I personally think it's the Heroic version that's tougher because you need 25 people to not die to void zones instead of 10), it's apparently doable with a Voidwalker. Michael Sacco reported getting Twilight Zone using this method, too. Watch the fun video and follow the link for screenshots of the event. I think it's time to send Grimkrast to the gym.

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