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Breakfast Topic: Who do you adore?


So as Love is in the Air winds down, hopefully those of us who care have managed to get another title and/or all the candy, dresses, and perma-peddles we could wish for. Some of us, though, I still going through that hourly ritual of finding someone to love.

For me, when it's time to hand out the cards, I head over to Stormwind. Once there, I either look for Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth or Elsharin, the High Elf Mage trainer. I like to think that I have a special relationship with both girls. Jes-tereth was always there by my side when I spent those long hours queueing for PvP, and among my group of friends, we always agreed she was one of the hottest women in all of WoW. Maybe I just like a girl in uniform. As for Elsharin, I'm a pretty big High Elf fan, so seeing that there's still High Elves loyal to the Alliance is nice, plus she's always there to greet me whenever I teleport to Stormwind, so I think I owe her something in return.

What about you? Do you just shove a token into the hands of the first NPC who thinks you smell nice, or do you have your own go-to people for your adoration needs?

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