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Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20 hands-on


So, we played around with the new Windows Mobile-sportin' nuvifone M20 from Garmin-Asus this evening, but there's really not much to say: the software is barely even alpha at this point. Most every tap or swipe of the screen was met with a two or more second delay, and we managed to crash a couple of the phones. That said, it's clear that Garmin-Asus aren't just adding a pretty launcher to Windows Mobile and calling it a day, there's some good navigation and location-based stuff happening here, and we look forward to playing around with it all once it's closer to reality. We don't look forward to meeting the resistive touch screen a second time, but we'll just have to live with that fact -- at least the Garmin-Asus apps are all touch-optimized, but you might have to pull out the stylus for a gander at the rest of Windows Mobile 6.1.

Update: Official media handed out for the M20 reveals a small handful of new screen shots, mainly a swanky new media player and calling screen that really don't say a damned thing about the M20's deep-rooted nav capabilities. Thing is, when you have a winged disco ball, you can get away with bending a whole lotta rules -- but yeah, this is one phone where we think we'd rather let the hardware do the talking.

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