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Live from Sony Ericsson's MWC press conference

Chris Ziegler

Sony Ericsson decided to get a really early start to its Mobile World Congress festivities, packing our jetlagged butts into Central Barcelona for a Sunday evening presser / party. Read on to find out what they've got in store!

7:49PM That's a wrap!

7:48PM 3.5 inch display on that Idou, so says an answer to a question. Good stuff.

7:47PM That's it! Question and answer time. Our question: "Yo, seems like you guys aren't too attached to those Idou's... we've got euros. Lots of them."

7:45PM To be clear, "Idou" is Sony Ericsson's internal project name for the phone -- as usual, we'd expect a letter followed by three numbers when this sucker goes on sale.

7:43PM Idou's nice, but not groundbreaking -- from the quick video, it certainly feels like a me-too product. We'll see.

7:41PM They promise to announce "one more product" before the summer that takes advantage of the "entertainment unlimited" mantra. Those teases!

7:40PM Now we get "just a glimpse" of a product coming in the second half of the year via an edgy, somewhat frightening video: Idou! It's got a TWELVE POINT FRICKIN' ONE megapixel camera, full touchscreen, and "full media consumption," whatever that means. The dudes on stage have 'em, but they're not announcing it under a "full commercial name" until later -- before the summer, so they say.

7:37PM Next topic: "entertainment unlimited." Sounds like they're serious about making real cameras out of Cyber-shot phones, real PMPs out of Walkman phones, and so on. 'Bout time!

7:36PM We take that back! They've announced PlayNow Movies, which allow for movie purchases and downloads through the PC.

7:34PM They're talking up the PlayNow services now, which the W995 naturally supports. Nothing new here, though.

7:33PM Sounds like you can share media straight from your W995 to your PS3 over WiFi... easy way to get stuff to your TV.

7:33PM The W995 uses Sony's MediaGo software as a central clearing house for transferring media. Doesn't look like it's anything special so far.

7:31PM 2.6 inch screen, stereo sound, serious gaming capabilities (or so it seems).

7:30PM As the W letter suggests, it's a Walkman phone. Doesn't appear to be running anything other than SE's proprietary OS.

7:30PM Looks like they're putting a focus on movies and music with this bad boy. "True video powers."

7:29PM Very traditional SE industrial design with this one. Looks pretty ordinary, all told.

7:29PM 8.1 megapixel...

7:29PM It's a slider...

7:28PM W995!

7:28PM "Communication, entertainment... two words, one meaning. Sony Ericsson is THE communication entertainment brand."

7:27PM "We make people smile. We need to do more of that going forward, and we also need to be one step ahead. That is what today we're going to show you."

7:26PM "Three key things we'd like to discuss with our customers this week: we would like to make sure that we secure the customer base that we have, we need to find new opportunities, and we need to sustain our brand positioning as Sony Ericsson." We suppose there's no break-up in the cards, then?

7:25PM "We had some downturn in the economy... Sony Ericsson is trying to find its way back upstairs."

7:24PM Leonard and Steve seem pretty fired up here. We take that as a good sign.

7:24PM "It's a very, very exciting day for Sony Ericsson."

7:24PM Steve Walker and Leonard Hoornik are taking the stage.

7:23PM It's starting!

7:23PM Music's getting louder -- we take it that's a sign that SE's execs have finally finished off the 20 euro martinis, or the presser is about to get started. We're hoping it's the latter.

7:19PM It's moving again! Down to four minutes. Can you feel the excitement building?

7:14PM You know, it hasn't moved from 10 minutes in like... 10 minutes. Hmm.

7:01PM Very rave-y in here. Champagne flowing, DJs spinning, but no new hardware -- yet.

6:53PM Oooh, a countdown timer suggesting something magical's going to happen in about 25 minutes! Yay!

6:50PM So far we've nabbed shots of the C903 and W395 -- but the lighting is ridiculous. C'mon, Sony Ericsson, juice the lights, why don't ya? We can only work so much aperture magic.

6:44PM Lots of clubby music going down, and a few models on display -- but nothing big. We're waiting (hoping) for someone to start getting down to business.

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