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Please give me something to grind

Alex Ziebart

I realized the other night that I have quite possibly the strangest complaint about Wrath of the Lich King possible: There is nothing that you can just go grind if you want to do something mindless. By grind, I mean endless killing of mobs for some minor gain. One of the biggest reasons I play WoW is for social purposes. I play WoW with a lot of my friends, and sometimes when I log on I just want to use the game as glorified IRC while I stab things.

This worked well in The Burning Crusade, because there were a lot of quests that required you to pay attention to what you're doing, but there were also a few reputation grinds that you could do just by murdering lots of mobs, which was great for those lazy days. Zaxxis Insignias, Warbeads, Marks of Sargeras, all of that stuff. If I didn't want to do anything complicated while I chatted away in guild chat, I could just round up a bunch of mobs and killify them, and I would still be making progress toward some game goal.

In Wrath, there's really not much of that to do besides Eternals. No reputations you can just grind, no cool drops, just boring ol' silver and motes. If I want to log on and talk, I pretty much just sit in Dalaran, because most of the available content forces you into tunnel vision. Yes, I am complaining that I need to pay attention to the game to play it. You didn't read that wrong.

As odd and as strange as it sounds, it's one of the biggest contributing factors to why I don't log on as much at night. I still love the game, I still love my guild, but I don't actually log on to interact with the guild anymore. With AIM, our guild forums, actual IRC channels, and all of that? If I want to talk to my guild, I don't use WoW to do it. WoW doesn't feel social to me right now, because if I want to play, then I don't get to talk. Isn't talking sort of important?

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that don't have this issue at all, but is it so wrong to want to farm Vrykul Snot or some nonsense for a little reputation?

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