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Rumor: Sony working on new Syphon Filter for PS3

A particularly watchful, Columbo-esque reader at Kotaku recently put a few widespread pieces of information together to draw an intriguing conclusion -- Sony Bend, the studio behind every Syphon Filter title to date, recently put up a help wanted ad calling for a full-time game tools programmer with PS3 or Xbox 360 experience. It's doubtful that they'll need to use the latter of those two, but it's enough to give rise to rumors that Sony's cooking up a current-gen installment in their decade-old action franchise.

But wait, there's more -- adding further fuel to the Filter flames is an entry on the Credits page of digital content creation company PCB Productions. About a quarter of the way down the page, the company acknowledges their mo-cap work for Syphon Filter 5, a PS3 title coming out of, you guessed it, Sony Bend. This one ranks pretty high on the likelihoodometer -- we'll be waiting with bated breath to see if Sony will confirm Gabe's triumphant return to home consoles.

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