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Dress up in leather with Lost & Damned Avatar apparel

Dustin Burg

Microsoft has added a touch of leather to the Avatar closet, delivering biker themed clothing to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto IV's The Lost & Damned downloadable content.

As has been the norm, all clothing is free and denoted by a yellow star in the Avatar customization application. Sadly, there is no miniature Avatar motorcycle to go with the new biker duds.
  • Guys: Rocker Jacket, Pixie Boots, Grunge Pants, Metal Combats, Top Hat, Skull Ring, Leather Biker Gloves, Left Feather Earring, Right Feather Earring
  • Gals: Punk Tee, Black 60's Boots, Leopard Print Leggings, Biker Jacket, Biker Gloves, Skull Wrist Band, Left Feather Earring, Right Feather Earring

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