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Kick a soccer ball till you drop in Dead Rising's new 'Challenge Quests'


We're happy to report on something fairly rare: an element added to Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, rather than removed. Sure, the new "Challenge Quests" seem to serve as replacements for the Achievements absent from the Wii game (or any Wii game), but they represent significant playable content not present in the Xbox 360 version. The fact that this is at all positive news makes it the best thing we've heard about Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop since the GaGaGa SP video.

Basically, the game features a selection of self-contained challenges. The few shown in these new screens include battling against giant zombies (not the most flattering way to show off your low-poly zombies), racing around the mall on a bike, and killing a group of zombies using only a soccer ball. No hands!


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