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Microsoft says 360 leads PS3 by 1M in Europe

Justin McElroy

Ask your local pan-handling, barrel-wearing former CEO and he'll tell you: A million isn't what it used to be. But even though 1,000,000 with nearly any fiscal symbol in front of it is nowhere the fortune it was just 12 months ago, it still seems a pretty impressive figure when you're talking about console leads: A million is exactly how far Microsoft EMEA VP Chris Lewis says the 360 is ahead of the PS3 in Europe.

But it's not too late, European Sony fans. With the very idea of representative currency crumbling around you, there's never been a better time to go buy an extra PS3 (or a million) and turn this tide. Besides, think of your friends' envy when you can escape from the cacophony of post-financial-apocalypse neo-orphans crying for scurvy-fighting citrus fruits in your house ... made of PlayStations!

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