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Rumorang: Mass Effect DLC mentioned in new ME release documentary


If reports from the recently released Mass Effect Platinum Hits edition are to be believed -- and we're wont to believe the people who made the game -- then more Mass Effect DLC is on its way and it's going to be combat heavy. On the second disc that comes packed in with Mass Effect Platinum Hits is a documentary titled (appropriately enough), "The Future of Mass Effect," in which project director Casey Hudson and principal lead designer Preston Watamaniuk confirm -- at very least -- the existence of more Mass Effect DLC.

Roughly one quarter of the way through the documentary (embedded after the break), Preston Watamaniuk says, "Things we're working on right now, for the Mass Effect universe next ... we had something in Mass Effect 1 that again, we weren't able to pull off just because we didn't have the time and we didn't think we'd be able to do it well enough, which was a fight club or an arena. So we're actually working on that for our next downloadable content piece and we're hoping it'll be really special."

Casey Hudson expands on that, saying, "So we wanted to be able to give people a much more combat-oriented, lighter-story experience. You're going to go to a kind of casino gaming fight club space station." You heard it here first: a casino gaming fight club space station. Batarians be damned, we're going gamble-fighting in outer space! We've, again, put word into BioWare regarding this and will update accordingly as news comes in.

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