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FEAR 2 debuts at #2 in UK charts

Jem Alexander

Call of Duty: World At War continues its slow descent down the UK Charts this week, ending up at number four, while Wii Fit clings onto the number one spot for the millionth week in a row. New contender FEAR 2 gives an admirable performance, making its way to the number two spot, though we suspect this may not last very long. House Of The Dead: Overkill sadly didn't make the top ten, instead coming in at number 15. Considering the number of Wii owners clamoring for hardcore games, they don't seem to be buying them when they actually appear.

With Wii Fit, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii and Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games all in the top ten week after week, is it any wonder developers are more likely to produce waggle-thons and mini-game collections for the console?

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