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G4 makes staff and schedule cuts to X-Play, Attack of the Show


G4's X-Play and Attack of the Show have been hit by cuts and layoffs. Following up on information given to us by reliable sources -- that the network's two flagship shows have been hit by reductions -- a G4 representative sent us a statement confirming much of the information.

X-Play, which upped its production schedule back in December, will now be reduced to three original episodes per week. Attack of the Show will now air four original episodes per week. Both shows will scale down starting March 2. Although G4 would not comment on "personnel matters," it could confirm that fewer episodes did result in a staff reduction. Cost saving will go into "more original programming in 2009." The network was clear to state that "this is not a budget cut" and G4 "remains dedicated to these core franchises." As always, if you were affected by the layoffs or have more information, please feel free to contact us.

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