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Some realms are up [Updated]


The wispy voice from the previous evening greets Osull as he begins to regain consciousness. "The realms... are up... the realms... are up..." it says over and over again.

The mantra becomes stuck in his head like a mind worm as he wipes the sleep from his eyes. He looks around in a daze and realize that he's back near his home in the neighborhood's bar, A Hero's Welcome, sitting at table being served a drink by Marcella.

"What time is it?" Osull ask the waitress. His voice is rough and it's evident he needs a drink to wash away the night's forced sleep.

"It just rang 11 not a short time ago, mighty Warrior," she replies. Placing a large flagon of mead in front of Osull, the smell of the hops fills his nose with a promise of further adventure tonight. But something doesn't feel right; it's almost as if the wizards of Dalaran have not released everyone from their sleeping spell.

"Marcella!" Osull yells franticly. "Where is everyone else?"

The brunet barmaid frowns and looks down at the floor while shaking her head. "I do not know, sire. When I awoke before everyone else, the Wizards only told me that some in the realms would not be awaking until 1 this afternoon." Her voice quivers as she continues, looking up at Osull with longing eyes searching for reassurance as many of her compatriots are still under forced sleep by the Wizards.

Mustering his resolve, Osull attempt to reassure her, "I am confident all of those in this world will be up then. The wizards have many reasons to keep their promises and bring all those in the realms back by one."

She nods and smiles meekly, "Yes, my lord." Continuing on her way bussing the tables Marcella seems comforted by the fact things will return to normalcy soon. But as for Osull... he has a different feeling. Like this could be a day of continued absence for those in the realm not already awake. The walls on W. Insider will tell all, he suspects.


As Marcella finishes cleaning the tables of the sleeping adventures around her, one stirs slightly at first, and then jumps upright in a fright. The jumping Paladin grasps his mace and looks around startled. The barmaid takes in a deep breath, frightened herself at the wily Dwarf, while Osull just look on at the situation, observing the Dwarf.

"What in all the Underworld? Why didn't I awake earlier?" the Paladin asks.

Marcella replies softly, "The Wizards told us some had to sleep longer, noble Paladin. But now," she gulps, "it appears everything is okay."

The Paladin nods, not really sure what to make of everything. He then sees Osull sipping his mead, watching him. "What the hell are you looking at, Human?"

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