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Sony Ericsson C903 hands-on


First off, red handsets never seem to be particularly photogenic, mmkay? But color aside, Sony Ericsson's C903 is well specced, fairly handsome, and we'd expect that the price won't be wallet numbing. The C903 is comfy as far as the phone's footprint in-hand goes, though, it is a little husky through the middle with the sliding camera cover -- and the inner workings of the autofocus 5 megapixel shooter we suspect. Keyboard? Meh, our fingers immediately got a little lost while banging on it as each row has no real defining line between keys. Though despite the chubbiness and keyboard awkwardness, if this newest in the Cyber-shot line is priced properly it could be a hit. Follow on for more pictures of a red handset than you're likely going to be comfortable with.

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