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CoD4: 50% off Variety Maps, new playlist and double XP

Dustin Burg

Call of Duty 4's own Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling just posted that, all next week, there will be a huge CoD4 celebration. One that's full of money savings, experience earning and new playlist playing.

Beginning Tuesday, February 24, the Variety Map Pack will be priced at 50% off the normal 800 / $10 admission fee. Then, on Friday, February 27, Infinity Ward will welcome gamers into the multiplayer mix by flipping the CoD4 double XP switch to the "ON" position. Finally, fourzerotwo himself will be pulling an all-nighter Friday night and adding a new Hardcore Headquarters playlist for the double XP killing shenanigans. It's a week-long Call of Duty 4 party, just without the booze, party streamers and all the post-party cleanup.

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