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DSi preorders available at Amazon and GameStop


Anxious to secure a Nintendo DSi without having to wait in some crazy line? Online retailers have begun taking pre-orders of the North American version of the system, so you can buy now and not have to worry about stalking Wal-Mart late April 4 to be first in line on April 5 (You are free, as usual, to stalk Wal-Mart for other purposes). You can order your DSi for $169.99 at Amazon or GameStop (in black or blue). If you want extra stuff, you can order a bundle from GameStop (again in black or blue) that contains the system and a "Folio Starter Kit" consisting of a case, screen protectors, a game case, earbuds, and a car adapter.

For a better look at the system that you might be buying, check MTV Multiplayer's first-ever images of the English-language DSi menu. As expected, it looks exactly like the menu from the Japanese version with the crucial addition of comprehensible text. It features the same photo manipulation, photo arranging, and sound altering functions from the original suite of DSi software, along with upgradeable firmware and, of course, the DSi Shop.


Don't worry if you haven't been following the DSi for the last few months -- your crazy friends at Joystiq Nintendo have been all over it. Check out our unboxing of a Japanese system for a hands-on rundown of features, and have a look at the awesome DSiWare downloads that have come to Japan. Then torture yourself with the limited-edition FFCC: Echoes of Time DSi that probably won't make it here!

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