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Guitar Hero to invade the Google Android Market

Dustin Burg

Those trendy enough to own T-Mobile's G1 "Google phone" will have the opportunity to mash their touchscreen and rock out to an Android version of Guitar Hero.

This edition of Guitar Hero will feature music from Deep Purple and Guns N' Roses among others, and will be one of a few paid applications for purchase off the Android Market. It'll be playable on any Android OS phone, which is currently just the G1.

Guitar Hero
"Android Edition" (not the official name, but we think it sounds nice) will join EA's catalog of games in the surprisingly empty gaming section of the Google phone marketplace. We can, however, be certain that if Guitar Hero becomes a sales hit, Activision will continue to churn out sequel after sequel for the Google OS. It's the Acti way.

[Via Guitar Hero News]

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