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Nintendo launches official Pokemon Platinum site

We've long suffered the blight of the Pokéholic, so we're well aware of the unslakable thirst one can develop for new information as we near the release of another installment in Nintendo's highly lucrative monster indexing franchise. Thankfully, Ninty just released a veritable compendium of Pokéknowledge in the form of the official website for Pokémon Platinum, supporting and elevating our addiction to collectible, pocket-sized animals to extremely dangerous levels.

If you've found it hard to follow the slow trickle of news concerning the lustrous revamp of Pearl and Diamond, the site does a good job of clarifying Platinum's updates with a few nifty slideshows. If you want to catch a glimpse of the game's new features, such as the Wi-Fi Plaza, the Battle Frontier, the trippy Distortion World, and the new pokémon forms, we highly suggest checking out the site -- just have a reliable friend at your side to cut you off once you've had enough.

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