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Honeywell to release 82-inch Altura LCD this fall

Nilay Patel

Soyo's been marketing poorly-reviewed LCDs under the Honeywell name in the US for a few months now, and it looks like it's going to try and make up in size what it's lacked thus far in quality: get ready for the 82-inch 1080p Altura LE to hit a shopping channel near you. Actually, get ready for quite a few Altura LEs, since they'll be offered in five screen sizes as Honeywell's "top of the line." Hopefully that means the poor black levels and shoddy, impossible-to-defeat image processing of the original Alturas have been improved, but honestly, we're not willing to let this 303-pound behemoth anywhere near our now-precious Kuro to find out.

[Via HD Guru]

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