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Midway kicked all the way out of NYSE


Midway's stock has succumbed to the Swamps of Sadness and been delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. MCV reports that the walking corpse of a company failed to bring its stock to over $1 per share for over 30 days during the last few months, thus prompting the NYSE regulatory commission to show the publisher the door.

So, let's take just the last week of Midway drama into account: The company has alleged corrupt insider dealings going on and probably can't afford its ESA dues nor E3 ... oh yeah, it also likely couldn't afford to publish The Wheelman, so it made a deal with Ubisoft to do so. If Midway were a house, we'd imagine CEO Matt Booty with a gas can, getting ready to burn it down for the insurance money ... you know, if it actually had the money to pay for the insurance.

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