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Rockstar accidentally censors GTA IV, fix coming 'within hours'

Many of Liberty City's proxy residents who'd returned to the crime-riddled metropolis following the release of The Lost and Damned were recently perplexed by what appeared to be some random acts of censorship that tagged along with the expansion -- certain European versions of GTA IV suddenly lacked the game's most NSFW elements. Namely, bullet infused corpses no longer spilled excessive pools of blood, and when in the company of a paid escort, camera control was stripped of the player while said escort performed the services she was contracted to execute. (Hooker sex, people. We mean hooker sex.)

This censorship seemed an odd addendum to an expansion which unapologetically brought us a faceful of prong -- as it turns out, the censorship was indeed accidental. At least, that's the claim of Rockstar, who attribute the "error" to the game's latest title update. Why the changes were incorporated into the update in the first place, or why only certain copies of the game were affected is still a mystery, but Rockstar is hoping to release a quick de-censoring patch "within the next few hours."

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