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Staff changes at WoW Insider

Dan O'Halloran

O hai guise. Dan O'Halloran, your friendly, neighborhood Managing Editor here. Just wanted to let you know about the recent comings and goings we've had at WoW Insider.

First, departures. Our crafts guru, Shelbi Roach, has moved on leaving us with a wonderful collection of WarCrafts. And BigRedKitty got too big for his Huntery britches and will be focusing on some little-read personal site of his along with a new project he refuses to elaborate on. You can be assured that will include many Top 10 lists.

Now, on to new arrivals. Daniel Whitcomb is moving on from the Hunter weekly column, Scattered Shots, to focus on our Death Knight weekly column, Lichborne. Taking over the reins of Scattered Shots is Jessica Klein aka Lassirra of The Hunter's Mark. Also, the weekly Warlock column, Blood Pact, will be getting a new writer, Nick Whelan from Curse of Senility. They'll both be starting in the next week or so.

Also, new columns have been arriving here at WoW Insider. Raid Rx, our weekly Raid healing blog, has been revived by our Spiritual Guidance writer, Matt "Matticus" Low. Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves, our fantasy Wrath boss deathmatch feature has also returned under the steady hand of Lisa Poisso. And just last month we debuted a new weekly Achievement column written (mostly) by myself.

But wait! There's more! Coming soon to WoW Insider:
  • a weekly community blog spotlight
  • tips on making gold in game (legally)
  • a daily round up of great WoW articles around the blogosphere not written by us!
  • new and revised leveling guides (man, Blizzard just can't stop with the sweeping class mechanic changes)
Thanks for reading the site and let us know below what other kind of content you'd like to see here. I can't promise it will happen, but we're always looking for different ways to keep you informed and entertained.

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