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Around Azeroth: The bear necessity


After finishing off their "For the Alliance!" achievement, Xeptor of Area 52 and his comrades just couldn't wait to show off their new bear mounts. So they had an engineer drop a MOLL-E right there in Silvermoon and clustered around the mailbox to pick up the bears for a triumphant ride out of the city. Unfortunately for us schadenfreude fans, while they were all sorting through their mailboxes and mount tabs, a Horde revenge raid completely failed to show up and massacre them. Sometimes life has no sense of dramatic timing. EDITED TO ADD: According to a raid member, the effort was led by Monkeyfoo of <Lost Soldiers of Darkness>, as well as a collection of PUG members. The member added that Monkeyfoo and LSOD pulled off "one of the better Alliance/Area 52 bear runs that I have seen," adding that they patiently explained strategies and even let folks who couldn't participate in killing Thrall due to the Wrathgate chain phasing stay in for the kill. Grats, guys!

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