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Cryptic's Bill Roper: Don't count Warhammer Online out just yet

Kyle Horner

MTV Multiplayer's ever-interviewing Tracey John managed to speak with Bill Roper at length concerning his thoughts on Warhammer Online and the trials it and other like-minded online games are facing. "I know many games out there that would love to have 300,000 subscribers." said Roper in regards to the recently revealed subscriber count. And we'd have to agree with him there, it certainly is a number that several smaller-budget titles would love to have.

When questioned on the recent Mythic layoffs and future prospects of the game, Roper said, "I think Warhammer's got a lot of awesome stuff about it, obviously the Mythic guys are great." However, there was much more he had to say on the topic of Warhammer Online, including Cryptic's own take on dealing with the tough economy that all developers and publishers are currently facing -- which is to make sure their games come with financially reasonable system requirements.

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