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Several hotfixes now live

Allison Robert

I caught this a bit late, but Bornakk wrote into the Service Status forums Wednesday night to provide a list of hotfixes concerning Jewelcrafting, Shamans, Rogues, and Death Knights that have been applied to the live realms:

Rogues had observed on the forums that Mutilate was doing significantly more damage than was intended by the fix in patch 3.0.9, and that may have been the result of buggy interaction with the Dirty Deeds talent. Glyph of Windfury Weapon had, for a few interesting days, reverted to a beta version granting attack power on Windfury procs. Most of these look like pretty straightforward bug fixes, with the exception of the one concerning Icy Prisms. Much to the everlasting sorrow of my e-wallet, I don't have a Jewelcrafter -- can someone tell me what effect the Icy Prism change is likely to have (if any)?

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