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WRUP: What are microtransactions? edition


No, no, no -- we haven't heard any rumors that microtransactions are coming to our own World of Warcraft, but when we discovered that some of our staff wasn't aware of this hot MMO topic, we had to start our own education campaign. So some of us seem to be hitting the books this weekend...

Adam Holisky
: I'll be doing one word this weekend: microtransactions.
Alex Ziebart: Trying to get some Heroic groups going on my Protection Paladin, and if that fails I'll either be playing Warhammer or Left 4 Dead. If the PTR goes up tonight or sometime this weekend, everything else gets shelved for that. Also, giving Adam lessons on microtransactions.

Despite the desire for our bloggers to have a well-rounded knowledge of the gaming world, we are hoping that Adam finds something better to do. For the rest of the team -- and your own weekend play plans -- read on!

Allison Robert: We'll be working on 10-man Sarth 3D this weekend, in which I will sit absorbing Sarth's fire breaths and pretending that I am a voidwalker (I still think the whole voidwalker-tank concept on what's currently the hardest fight in the game is both incredibly clever and also funny as hell). Probably some 10-man achievements now that people are getting Glory of the Hero done. Hmmm. And I think I need to get some herb farming done too.
Amanda Miller: I'm setting aside a chunk of time to start making back some of the money I spent this week on my death knight's speedy flying training. Herbing and mining and skinning, here I come.
Dan O'Halloran: More 5-Man Heroics, daily Daily Dalaran cooking quests, daily Dalaran JC quests and getting back to my baby Hunter. And to that mage in the Heroic Oculus PUG last night who couldn't be bothered to summon water because your bags were too full, I definitely will not be grouping with you again.
Daniel Whitcomb: I'm currently at 44/50 pets for the skunk, so I think I'll try to pursue that this weekend. I still need the Mechanical Chicken, the Sprite Darter, the Worg Pup, and the Spiderling, so that's a quick easily quested 4 right there, then I just need to figure out where to grab the other two. I'm also slowly working toward getting the badges for a new breastplate and/or gloves, so hopefully I can knock out a few more heroics for badges this weekend as well.
Elizabeth Harper: Working towards the 100 mounts achievement, one Baron run at a time.
Jennie Lees: Away for the weekend, but easily contactable by guildies in case the PTR comes up so I can hop on it from my laptop. Who needs a holiday when there's new content to beat?
Lisa Poisso: Ditching the raiding life for casual life. I think a weekend's the perfect time to catch the attitude. ;)
Matt Low: Left 4 Dead.
Matthew Rossi: Getting my Tauren Warrior and DK ready for raiding.
Michael Sacco: Leveling my baby Mage, doing Sarth+3 again and hoping for good roll luck a Twilight Drake, making money for rogue's epic flying.
Mike Schramm: GTA IV Lost and Damned. But I will be playing WoW to raid and level my Leatherworking and reputations -- I finally fixed my hardcore gaming PC, so I'll finally be able to see Northrend in all of its graphical glory again.
Nick Whelan (who will soon be writing our Warlock column): Hopefully I'll be raid-leading two 4 hours sessions of 10-man Naxx. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. I say hopefully because so far only 6 people have signed up for what is usually a much more popular event. I was /planning/ to go destruction this week, to give me some background on the spec so I could write about it. However, given my rather abysmal performance in OS / Vault as destro, I think I'm going to need more practice before I ask 9 other people to rely on me as destro. >.>
Zach Yonzon: Inch closer to Battlemaster.

So, dear readers, what are you playing this weekend?

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