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Earn special character customizations for your Slayer and Choppa

Brooke Pilley

Remember when Mythic said there would be incentives for being an active contributor on their new official forums for Warhammer Online? Apparently, they're about to give away the first of these in-game incentives we've heard so much about. Say hello to Snorri's Spikes and Chompin' Teef, two new customization options you can earn for your new Slayer and Choppa.

Snorri's Spikes is an especially painful looking mohawk for your dwarf and Chompin' Teef will have you looking like a greenskin version of Jaws from James Bond in no time. You can earn these rewards by logging in to the Public Test Server and playing the heck out of the two new careers (Choppa and Slayer). Report any bugs you find in game or on the forums and provide any useful feedback you can think of. Mythic will reward top contributors with these character customizations. "Top contributor" criteria are unknown, which may promote people trying hard instead of just enough. The Warhammer community is speculating that the 1.2 patch will drop late next week or early the following, so you may want to start soon before you miss out.

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