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Earthrise interview explains game's crafting and sandbox elements

James Egan

We've been noticing that the post-apocalyptic MMO Earthrise is getting a lot of press these days. The latest piece that's caught our eye is an interview with Masthead Studios CEO Atanas Atanasov conducted by ReviewStash's Daniel Levy. The interview ranges across several topics of interest for potential Earthrise players, but perhaps what's of most interest are Atanasov's comments on combat game mechanics and crafting.

Aiming in Earthrise's combat will be done as with standard shooters, but the weapons available to characters will allow a player to keep a bead on their target. On Earthrise's crafting system, Atanasov says that players will be "capable of infusing Designs into items -- special bonuses and enhancements, or totally separate effects that allow the crafter to customize an item to the needs of his or her customers." Certain crafters may well become influential figures in Earthrise, Atanasov says, known for coming up with powerful item builds.

Also interesting is that Atanasov discusses the benefits to territorial control that take full advantage of Earthrise's sandbox approach to game design. He says: "Players who group together in a guild and take over a territory have incredible influence over the world economy as conquered territories are the sole source of rare resources used for the crafting of powerful items in the game. If one guild decides not to sell or to share its resources with certain alliances that would shift the price of that resource on the whole server and spike conflicts among players. Such influential roles of territory conquest are currently matched in very few MMORPGs on the market."

The interview also touches upon the limitations with ranged attacks and weapon switching in combat, as well as the scope of the open world of Enterra. If you're eager for more details on Earthrise, you won't want to miss the ReviewStash interview with Atanas Atanasov.

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