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The Whitest Kids U Know answer the Call of Duty

Everyone knows that the most important element when attempting to pick off virtual, foreign combatants is immersion. However, in an online age characterized by 1337speak and decidedly un-1337 bigotry, immersion's a tough commodity to come by. We can't remember the last round of Call of Duty: World at War (or any online shooter, for that matter) we played where we didn't want to climb through the expansive internet tubes to choke the life out of one of our half-baked (or, in some cases, totally baked, brah) teammates.

Sketch comedy troupe Whitest Kids U Know recently exposed this infuriating phenomenon (NSFW) to those who've never experienced it firsthand. You can watch their sketch after the break -- we warn you, it may invoke such strong feelings of familiarity that you might just call up the DABEARS in your life, and congenially tell him to die in a fire.

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