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Dell's Mini 10 comes with any amount of RAM you want, so long as it's 1GB

Tim Stevens

The case of the Mini 10 just gets curiouser and curiouser. The company finally acknowledged the red-lidded QVC stepchild on its site just last week, but before that quietly mentioned an interesting bit of information on its official blog: the 1GB of memory figure that seemed like just a start is actually the end, too. The RAM in the first batch (or possibly batches) of Mini 10 models will be non-upgradable, and while we don't know why a company that built itself on allowing people to customize computers would prevent them from upgrading their netbooks, we are sure this won't be a popular move. Additionally, the first Mini 10s will all be running XP, though Ubuntu will be coming, as well as an optional 720P display and even a TV tuner. That all sounds fantastic, but after waiting through all this is anyone going to wait longer still for a proper-spec'd machine?

[Thanks, Eric]

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