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Flower's Jenova Chen doesn't play new games, wants to explore 'feelings'

Jenova Chen, creative director for thatgamecompany and champion for the recently released arboreal PSN title Flower, recently opened up during an interview with GamesIndustry to an extent we rarely see outside of Dr. Phil reruns. During the interview, he reveals that he's interested in making games that elicit emotional responses more effectively than the traditional industry blockbuster, in an attempt to "recapture" the emotions that games used to inspire within him during his formative years.

According to him, this is an area that modern video games (which he admittedly rarely plays) don't really excel at, saying most major releases "fail to educate you on an intellectual level, and the emotions they evoke are relatively primal." To this effect, the self-proclaimed goal of his burgeoning development company is to "push the boundary of what games can communicate." We're not sure what thatgamecompany's next aesthetically pleasing project will be, but one thing's for certain -- it probably won't incorporate any firearms with chainsaws attached to them.

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