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Found Footage: Swing yer iPhone 'round and 'round with Danglet


For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting a way to hang your iPhone or iPod touch from your neck or wrist, your wishes have been answered! There's a new accessory called the Danglet that plugs into the dock connector port on the bottom of your favorite device, then clips onto a wrist or neck strap. The neck strap in particular would be an excellent accessory for anyone who needs to have both hands free, yet have immediate access to their iPhone (geocaching, anyone?).

Towards the end of the video above, you can see the obviously unpaid actors swinging their iPhones around by the straps. Personally, I kept expecting to see one of the phones flying off into the trees or pavement. Much to my relief, the Danglet mechanism appears to be well-designed and kept the devices from becoming projectiles.

The Danglet retails for $14.99 and includes both a hand strap and neck strap. Do not use your Danglet to turn your iPhone into martial arts weaponry. Thank you.

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